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If you’re missing a tooth, don’t let your smile suffer for any longer. At Zadeh Dental in Arlington, Virginia, David Zadeh, DDS, provides his patients with high-quality bridges that restore the health and appearance of their smiles. Schedule your visit with Zadeh Dental by calling the office or booking online, and get your bridge today.

Bridges Q & A

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a classic dental solution for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. It’s made up of a prosthetic tooth, called a pontic, that’s attached to crowns on either side. The crowns are sealed to the teeth next to your missing tooth (your abutment teeth) and hold the pontic in the empty space, effectively bridging the gap between your teeth. 

What are the different types of bridges?

There are a few different types of bridges that the team at Zadeh Dental might recommend, depending on the unique needs of your smile and the strength of your abutment teeth.

Traditional bridge

A traditional bridge has a pontic with a crown attached on each side. They’re an excellent solution for replacing a missing tooth if you have two healthy abutment teeth that can support crowns.

Cantilever bridge

If you only have one abutment tooth that can support a crown, your Zadeh Dental provider might recommend a cantilever bridge, which is an alternative bridge where the pontic is held in place by a single crown.

Maryland bonded bridge

If your abutment teeth can’t support crowns, your dentist might recommend a Maryland bonded bridge. A Maryland bonded bridge uses a pontic that’s attached to a metal framework sealed to the backside of your abutment teeth.

What are the benefits of a bridge?

By replacing your missing tooth, a bridge has a number of benefits, including:

  • Enhancing your speaking and chewing ability
  • Preventing your remaining teeth from shifting
  • Maintaining the shape of your face
  • Evenly distributing the force in your bite

Bridges also improve your appearance by filling in the empty spaces left by missing teeth and making your smile full again.

What’s involved with getting a bridge?

Your Zadeh Dental provider installs your bridge with a simple procedure that only requires two visits to the office.

During your first visit, your dentist prepares your mouth for your bridge. Your provider shaves some enamel from your abutment teeth in order to make room for the crowns to support the bridge (unless you’re getting a Maryland bonded bridge), then takes an impression of your mouth. The impression is sent to a lab that designs your bridge for your unique smile. You wear a temporary bridge while you wait for the lab to build your permanent restoration.

When your bridge is ready, you come back to Zadeh Dental for a second visit. Your dentist checks the fit of the permanent bridge, makes any necessary adjustments, then seals it in place with dental cement. 

You’ll notice the improvements to your smile as soon as you leave the office.

Get started on your bridge today by calling Zadeh Dental or scheduling a visit online.